When reading newspapers and books, watching TV or listening to radio, I can find information incomplete, sometimes even questionable. I often have a different opinion on how things are shaped and see alternative routes to solve the many problems we have in the world. From time to time I have tried to take contacts in order to cover gaps I’ve found and getting my questions answered. This is however a tedious process for a layman without status as most approaches are neglected. And if I get an answer, even that may be incomplete.

The intention with my blog is to hopefully get competent persons to comment my reflections and fill in knowledge gaps in an understandable way. By publishing such comments on this site, they will reach a further public thus making the efforts to help me better justified.

I hope that the topics addressed here will catch lots of interest. Feel free to refer to or publish my contributions in other media while giving credit to this blog.

Welcome to Erik’s Cosmos.

One Response to "Introduction"

  1. Hei Erik.
    Velger Norsk.
    Merkelig så enige vi er om det meste.
    Men når det gjelder Russland og Ukraina tror jeg EU skulle ta det litt mer med ro.
    Den nye presidenten håner Putin i ly av EU.
    USA krever mye i Ukraina, men burde ta seg av sine egne miserer som Irak.

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