To be critical

At my matriculation examination 1960 in Norwegian essay writing I had to choose between 3 topics, one of them “To be critical – a weakness or a force”. I can remember how lucky I felt there in the classroom as this really suited me. The consequence of this “dream topic” was a better result at the exam than my mean results had been.

My critical attitude has followed me through life with resulting advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of a critical attitude is the ability to independently analyze a situation or a problem in order to come to a standpoint which may differ from what the people around have. Then, of course, you shall be ready to change your opinion if you get better arguments against you, using even then your critical mind.

The disadvantages have mainly been that I, when employed, had difficulties in accepting that my superiors always should be right, even though I felt they were wrong. I was oppositional and disrespectful. In the end this lead me to start my own consulting business. I have no difficulties in cooperating with other people, only in accepting that people just because of their position have the right to make others accept their views without clear and logic explanations.

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