Sports – the new opium of the people

Last year Skellefteå AIK won the Swedish ice hockey league and even this year the prospects look fine as they are leading the series with good margin. I am not especially interested in sports and not at all in ice hockey, but find it better if my home team wins a game rather than their opponents. However, I wonder how true supporters look upon a lost game. Do they find a lost game worse than if 100 people are killed in the civil war in Syria?

I like exercise and try to keep myself fit through walking, running, skiing and gymnastics and am also respecting a good sportsman, but it is difficult for me to understand why so many consider sports among the most important things in the world. Sports that is mainly performed by others, while they are only spectators.

When it comes to sports, no costs, pecuniary nor human, seem to be too high. The costs for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi are said to be about 50 billion US dollars and paid by the poor Russian people. In spite of the high costs lots of construction workers were not paid for their work, one of them was even tortured by the police. When he complained they drove up a spit in his butt. After showing a reportage about this on Swedish TV there was an interview with the Swedish member of the Olympic Committee. When asked why they had chosen such a country to arrange the games, she meant the Committee applied the same rules as the United Nations. So any UN member state may be eligible for arranging Olympic games. Next time I presume they go for North Korea!

It is time for sensible people to protest against the overestimation of sports and the fabulous costs for sports arenas and major arrangements as Olympics and World Championships. Promisingly this has already started with the football (soccer) crazy Brazilians protesting against the gigantic costs for the championships starting in June this year. Next time politicians are asked if they will support any major arrangement they should say – is it really worth the costs?

And then comes the moral question – how can major sports organizations support huge arrangements in countries deficient of money or human rights, or both of them as Russia? And how can people living in rich and democratic countries support those organizations? That is a mystery to me.

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