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You may wonder why it has taken me such a long time since I published my last post on March 13 till I return today with a new one. In each of April, May and June, I had trips of 10-14 days and then followed a fantastic summer with swimming and sunbathing. However often, on the beach or running in the woods, I thought of fall and what I then would write on the blog, so you readers have certainly not been forgotten.

When writing a post for my blog I want it to become as good as possible. The process of formulating a text can be satisfactory in itself, but feedback from readers is necessary, otherwise it is like crying in the wilderness. The main reason for starting my blog on February 10 this year was to get “persons to comment my reflections and fill in knowledge gaps (ref. post “Introduction”).

It was therefore with nervousness I awaited the first comment, which was slow in coming. The first appeared 4½ month after the blog was launched and was written in Norwegian by a friend of mine. The next comment arrived 4 days later and was also a good comment directly to what I had written. Then, after mid July, came an increasing stream of comments, some commenting the site as such and some just expressing appreciation. Of course I like appreciation, but what I’m really looking for are comments that provide additional information and enhanced perspectives to the topic or even oppose what I have written. And then there were an increasing flow of incomprehensible comments with no relation at all to the subject – spam messages.

When I was going to launch the blog I gave specifications of my wishes to a man at my local computer shop. He chose WordPress as being most adequate for my needs. After the launch, comments on the function of the site have resulted in the possibility to subscribe on email notifications whenever a new post appears and also resulted in the correction of flaws appearing on certain browsers. Then the large number of spam messages has forced me to take action; therefore login is now necessary before giving a comment. I hope this will not hinder serious contributions to the site.

There have been proposals on how I should act to increase the number of readers of my blog. For me, the number of readers as such is not the most interesting; the most interesting is the contribution you readers can give me. There will be posts this autumn where I want input from people with specific knowledge. Therefore I am obliged if you can help me in spreading information about my blog to anybody you think may be interested in what I write and hopefully also contribute to the site.

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