Europe – We may have just 4 years left under the US umbrella

6 April next year it is one hundred years since the United States, reluctantly, entered into World War I. This made a major contribution to the victory of the allies, but to a huge cost for the Americans, including 110,000 deaths. During the past century we Europeans have come to taking the American interest in guarding our interests for granted. The question is, for how long time will this last?

In a newly published interview with the new US ambassador to Sweden she was asked:

What do you say to those critics who believe that the United States will withdraw from its global responsibilities in world politics?

I totally disagree with that assessment. The US is playing and will continue to play a key role in the world. We will work with our partners, including Sweden, and international organizations to address the difficult issues we face. President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry has been tireless in his work with other countries.

There is no doubt that this answer is reflecting the true obligation of the present US administration and of the next (if Hillary Clinton becomes president) to continue to support us like earlier, but what will happen after that?

Below you can read statements from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the two other main candidates in this year´s presidential election:

Donald Trump:

– I’m going to renegotiate some of our military costs because we protect South Korea. We protect Germany. We protect some of the wealthiest countries in the world, Saudi Arabia. We protect everybody and we don’t get reimbursement. We lose on everything, so we’re going to negotiate and renegotiate trade deals, military deals, many other deals that’s going to get the cost down for running our country very significantly.

Bernie Sanders:

– While we must be relentless in combating terrorists who would do us harm, we cannot and should not be policeman of the world, nor bear the burden of fighting terrorism alone. The United States should be part of an international coalition, led and sustained by nations in the region that have the means to protect themselves. That is the only way to defeat ISIS and to begin the process of creating the conditions for a lasting peace in the region.

Taking into account that these two candidates together are supported by a majority of the American people, it is not far-fetched to predict that we will, maybe already in four years (if Hillary Clinton loses her re-election campaign), be forced to take much greater responsibility for our own security.

In fact, I myself agree entirely with Bernie Sanders in what he is writing above. The safety of Europe is our own responsibility. We shall of course be happy and grateful for the support we can get from NATO and from the United States, but generally we should be prepared to deal with most of our problems on our own.

Our main weakness today is, more than the physical strength, the management structure in which all 28 member countries must be in agreement before an operation can take place. It is therefore a must to strengthen the institutions of the European Union, only in this way we can defend our prosperity and way of life.

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