Europeans – now we have to take responsibility for our own future!

When I last wrote on this blog, it was under the heading “Europe – We may have just 4 years left under the US umbrella”. Sorry, I was wrong. After the surprising announcement this morning that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States, this change is imminent. Europe has been like a barge in tow after the American tugboat, if the hawser is suddenly chopped off before we can operate on our own, we may drift where we don´t want to land!

This is happening in a period with severe challenges to the European communities, in fact the most severe in more than 25 years.

  • The Middle East and large parts of our surrounding world is characterized by growing instability.

  • Migration flows, which were dampened by the unholy agreement with Turkey, are likely to increase in the long run, not decrease.

  • Terrorism can possibly be turned back by military actions, but will remain a threat for a long time.

  • We have problems with an increasingly aggressive Russia.

  • Finally, but not least, we have forces that want to break apart the European Union, such as Brexit and populist and xenophobic movements in many countries.

We know what we have to fight for! Not mainly our economic prosperity, but for our democratic and human values! We have to bring this message to the European people: Without increased cooperation in all areas, we can not defend our democratic and human values. And those values must be the first concern in all political actions. We can no longer compromise to achieve short-term goals, in that case we will loose in the long run!

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